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Immune Support

  • Life Extension - Bio-Quercetin (02302)

    Bio-Quercetin | 29 mg, 30 vegetarian capsules

    Quercetin is a bioflavonoid that supports healthy immune function and inflammatory response, promotes cardiovascular and endothelial health, and more. Our new Bio-Quercetin supplement provides quercetin encased in a plant-derived phytosome...

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  • Lactoferrin (apolactoferrin) Caps | 60 capsules

    Lactoferrin is a supplement in the immune-boosting arsenal. It is a versatile substance found in mother's milk that plays an important role in the immune system response.1 Though human colostrum ("first milk") has the highest concentration,...

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  • NK Cell Activator™ | 30 vegetarian tablets

    For targeted seasonal protection, NK Cell Activator™ contains an enzymatically modified rice bran shown to be a potent immune modulator. NK Cell Activator™ supports the activity of natural killer (NK) cells — crucial components of...

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  • Optimized Garlic | 200 vegetarian capsules

      Garlic has been valued for centuries for its multi-faceted benefits.1-17 It has antioxidant action and can boost the level of natural glutathione, an important cellular detoxifier.18-25 The compounds allicin, oligosulfides, A. ursinum and A. sativum...

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  • Peony Immune | 60 vegetarian capsules

    Peony Immune White Peony Root Extract is a standardized extract of active white peony compounds that have been shown to help maintain the balanced responsiveness, sensitivity, and strength of a properly-modulated immune response. So give your ...

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  • Standardized Cistanche | 30 vegetarian capsules

    Standardized Cistanche provides powerful support against immune senescence. Scientists have discovered that the echinacoside compound found in Cistanche plant extract stimulates the development of naive T cells and leads to a lower amount of memory T...

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