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Since 1994

Welcome to Victory Nutrition! We are glad you found us and hope you are pleasantly surprised by our product selection, prices and service. We are not your average sports nutrition retailer - we have higher standards. Our mission is to genuinely offer the finest nutrition for those aspiring to a life of health, fitness and peak performance.

Featured Products:

Elevate Me Protein Bars

Elevate Me are wholesome protein bars made with the king of proteins, whey protein isolate. Quality dried fruit and almonds combine with 16 grams of protein to make a wonderful treat. No artificial anything! Elevate Me may be the world's simplest protein bar and perhaps the best tasting.

Nutiva invites you to celebrate it's mission to nourish people and planet by enjoying their delicious hemp, chia and coconut superfoods. Great nutrition never tasted so good!

Shop & Browse Nutiva:

To insure you receive the freshest Nutiva products available at the best price we have partnered with Nutiva to ship products direct, eliminating wholesalers and retailers. Click the Nutiva image above to visit Nutiva.

Super Nutrition Vitamins

SuperNutrition Vitamins:
Super Nutrition USA produces the world's best Food-Based Multi-Vitamins! Forget the RDAs, think optimum daily allowance. We stock SuperNutrition Super Immune, SuperNutrition Opti-Pack, Super Nutrition Women's Blend, Super Nutrition Men's Blend and more.


Muscle Optimeal:
Jarrow Formulas Muscle Optimeal is the ideal meal replacement to increase intake of proteins, complex carbohydrates and antioxidants. Muscle Optimeal is a complete metabolic optimizer incorporating nutraceuticals known to enhance human performance, including whey protein, glutamine and 25 essential vitamins and minerals. Muscle Optimeal is low in simple sugars, completely natural and does not contain any artificial flavors or sweeteners

Cascade Classic Victory!
Team DeSalvo 1st Place at Cascade Classic!

The DeSalvo squad sponsored by Victory Nutrition clinched the Cascade Classic Stage Race. Sean Doyle took 1st & Reny Townsend 8th (the only team with two riders in the top ten), both fueled by Victory Nutrition!

Team DeSalvo Claims Oregon State Championship!

At the recent Oregon State Road Race Championships, the DeSalvo Team showed its collective strength, racing aggressively from the gun to launch Sean Doyle into the decisive breakaway. In a result reminiscent of the USPro Championships (often won by foreigners), Sean placed second in the 95-mile race, but claimed the Oregon State Championship due to the fact that the winner was a Seattle racer who doesn't belong to the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association.

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