After two and a half decades of service we now operate on a personal consultation basis only. Our mission remains the same: offer exceptional coaching services and recommend the finest nutrition products for those aspiring to a life of health, fitness and peak performance. 

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Go well beyond annual bloodwork with combined insights from your blood, DNA, physiomarker, and lifestyle data.

InsideTracker Pro Coaching

I am stoked to report receiving certification as an InsideTracker Pro! This means our clients get preferred access to InsideTracker's ultra-personalized human performance platform. InsideTracker utilizes cutting edge technology that can help you set up a goal-oriented action plan based on your blood, DNA and habits. It uses advanced algorithms to make recommendations based on the best available scientific research. Inside Tracker includes a nutrition database with more than 7,500 food items scientifically proven to improve specific biomarker levels. Plus, you'll get advice on supplements, exercise and lifestyle suggestions. It's customizable. It's simple. It's based on you. It is not just another wellness tracker. Since 2009, their science team from Harvard, Tufts and MIT have been bringing personalized nutrition and wellness to the world with a powerful, evidence-based digital platform. One goal of a system like Inside Tracker is to monitor health markers and not wait for symptoms that require intervention. This is what is called P4 medicine (predictive, personalized, preventive, participatory), which we feel is an important tool for maximizing healthspan. Others use the term N-of-1 medicine, which refers to personalized, customized medicine designed for a specific individual. Benefit and get on the fast track with our InsideTracker Pro exclusive programs. Contact us for special access and pricing. If you prefer to do-it-yourself we still encourage utilizing Inside Tracker:
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Victory Nutrition LabShop

In partnership with Rupa Health visit the Victory Nutrition LabShop to order low cost tests including convenient at home labs in addition to those requiring phlebotomy. Order tests that your doctor is unwilling to order, or insurance doesn't cover. Experience full patient support via the Rupa Patient Portal which provides instructions during the testing phase and delivers lab results directly to you for viewing and tracking. Take control and participate in your own health trajectory. Please contact us for the full range of testing available. 

Victory Nutrition LabShop

Life Extension Foundation 
The Science of a Healthier Life 

Victory Nutrition features Life Extension products and services for one very important reason. Proceeds from Life Extension sales are used to fund critical research projects aimed at eliminating needless disease and death. Life Extension also supports a campaign to reform incompetent government policies that deprive Americans of life-saving medical therapies. 


Take a deep dive into common health conditions: Life Extension Health Concerns

  • Life Extension quality control standards actually exceed FDA mandates
  • Life Extension sources only the best raw materials
  • Products always provide the most nutritional potency for your dollar.
  • Science-based supplements you simply won't find anywhere else.
  • Life Extension Foundation is a non-profit group that funds pioneering scientific research
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Pure Patient Direct

Our clients get access to Pure Encapsulation, Klean Athlete and more brands via Pure Patient Direct, our new, virtual dispensary that provides access to over 400 unique products available only through Pure Encapsulations.

Longevity Medicine Certified:

Learn more about AI-guided medicine, fundamentals and recent advances of aging research, from biomarkers and aging clocks to clinically available geroprotectors.